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Tourney Information

Post by WarriOr_ on Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:00 pm

This is a 2v2 Team Game 2.0 Rm Tourney for Game Ranger Players, hosted by WarriOr_, which will start on 21st July.Round Robin

Tourney Schedule & Maps

- Teams are allowed to pick civs.
- Both team members can have the same civs in the same game.

Group Stage
3 wins to advance

1. Arabia
2. Black Forest
3. Gold Rush
4. Team Islands
5. Fortress (in case of draw)

Final Stage
4 wins to advance

1. HM 1
2. HM 2
3. Arabia
4. Gold Rush
5. Team Islands
6. Migration
7. High Land (in case of draw)

Winner will be Announced only after Host receives the Recordings.

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